I took some a few shots with my Kodak from an Abba book I own….dont be a hater!!!!


9 thoughts on “ABBA ♥

  1. Response: Well Terbo, good that you’re sharing my thoughts. Though as Anna said, it’s not about the somalians – origin doesn’t matter as long as they behave ;P

    and nice pictures btw!

    • yeah yeah,,,,well if you watch the news,,,,you’d see they just took more americans hostage,,,,,americans that were trying to help them!!!!……infact the pirates have gained over 1 billion dollars in the last year alone!!!!…1BILLION!!!!!…..thats enough to fix there screwed up country!!!!!…………..but that sounds like behaving to me……

  2. Linnéa: the somali pirates aren’t part of the war. they’re poor fishermen. they have grown stonger because of the war, yes. they fight other fishermen and other people with boats to get their money. lots of money! they kill and they steal. they have no interest in fixing their country.

    I love that first shot ❤

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    • thanks man….i took these pics out of this awesome abba book i found at a used book store…..had a bunch of rare pics i dont think most people have ever seen..:)

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